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Brendan Benson in Berlin

November 17, 2009

Thanks to Anna we have some pics from Brendan Benson performing in Berlin.  She also sent me the review I was waiting for. Thanks so much for taking your time writing this and sending the pics! So here it is!

“I came to Berlin from Poland especially to see Brendan’s show. It was my first BB solo concert so I was very excited. Gig was in a small club ‘Magnet’ in the center of Berlin. In the same time in Berlin was happening really a lot: U2 was playing a free concert and it was also MTV EMA ceremony in O2 Arena, but I went to Benson’s concert. I was waiting for Benson’s concert for so long that I couldn’t choose anything else that day 😀
Cory Chisel and the Wandering sons opened a Brendan Benson gig. Cory and Adriel played about 6-7 songs, I especially enjoyed ‘In the deep end’. Cory’s very nice and talkative guy. Then was time for Brendan’s show. First song ‘A whole lot better’ he performed alone with an acoustic guitar- it was really breathtaking, after joined the rest of the band. I don’t remember the whole setlist but for sure they played: Don’t Wanna Talk, Folk Singer, Crosseyed, Good to Me, Materie, Sittin’ Pretty, Garbage Day, Cold Hands, Gonowhere, Tiny Spark, Feel Like Taking You Home, What I’m looking for, Alternative to love… They played 2 encores: first one very long about 5 songs and then the second: American Girl with Cory. Except the first acoustic song the concert was full of energy, and very rock’n’roll. I was in the second row and I felt weird when the band was looking at me cos I was singing every song and I had my pretty big camera. The gig was fantastic and I’m looking to see Brendan again.”

Thanks a lot girl, truly appreciated! Enjoy the pics! I love them!

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