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Brad Bodine on Lincoln Hall

November 24, 2009

Our Brad, as we have mentioned before, attended to Benson’s gig at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on November 20 2009. He has taking his time and wrote a great review about it. He has compared this experience to the one before at Schubas and also has included a review of Cory Chisel performance. Brad it seems as you and your friend Abbey (hi girl!) got a great time!! Thanks for this. Also the pics included were taken by him!And of course It’s great that you finally got your T-shirt signed!

(Little note to Brad: no one… listen no one…. could done better than Tom Petty lol, sorry Mr. Benson but… Tom Petty is Tom Petty ;))

“A month ago, due to this wonderful website, I found out that Benson was coming back to Chicago.  I had seen him there once before at Schubas, my former review is also on this website (here).  Upon hearing the news of his return, I immediately wanted to go; however, my brother who I went with last time was just transitioning into a new job and was unable to attend.  The show was a 21 or older show and I was quite thankful that he waited until the month after I turned 21 to come back and play.  However, in that same tone, not too many of my friends have turned 21 yet. I decided to invite my friend Abbey (Named after Abbey Road) who I had previously went to a Bob Dylan Concert with.  She, never hearing Benson’s music was excited to go, I assumed she would like him because we have the exact same taste in music.  Telling her to listen to a few songs before, we were all set and ready to go.
As you can read from my last review, last time I went I met everyone in the band and they signed my shirt, except for Benson himself.  Well, this time I was bound and determined to get him to complete the shirt and sign it.  On our way to the concert, to get into the mood I put on One Mississippi and My Old Familiar Friend, to acquaint my old familiar friend with the genius of Brendan Benson.  She loved what she heard but did not pay too much attention, as she was driving and talking to me.  We arrived at the newly built Lincoln Hall about an hour and fifteen minutes early, however the bouncers would not let us in on account of crowding in the bar.  So we decided to take a walk to kill time.  We went back fifteen minutes later, showed our ID’s and headed into the bar.  After opening the doors to the venue we walked in and propped ourselves a little bit to the right of center stage and claimed our spot.  I saw someone next to me coming back with the hand bill, so I asked him where he had got it and told me he asked the bouncer.  I then did the same and picked up the hand bill, which I was not able to abscond at the last concert.

It was ten minutes past showtime and finally Cory Chisel walks onto the stage with the rest of the Wandering Sons.  He then says “I’m sorry for the delay, we were all hanging out upstairs and we lost track of time”  Which I found pretty funny.  He then started his first song of the night, and having previously listened to his album, I was not surprised as to how good he actually was.  But he did shock me a little because, even live can he still sound amazing.  His soft melancholy melodies and soft voice can captivate anyone.

After every song he talked about how great it was to be there and back home, also how nice the venue was.  His lovely keyboardist/ backup vocalist Adrial Harris was amazing.  Her soft angelic voice and pretty face captured my attention from the start.  He played a handful of songs from the new album “Death Won’t Send a Letter” including a wonderful ballad that makes me want to cry when I hear it “So Wrong for Me.”  His performance of this song was even better in person than on the album.  Sipping on wine the entire show and wearing a hat he seemed very happy and honored to be there and be a part of the show.

On his third to last song “Love Is Gone” Brendan Benson himself came out and sang the last of the song with him.  Before his last song, I screamed for him to play “Mockingbird” one of my favorites from the album and he then replied “Wow.. someone actually knows our songs, but sorry its too much of a downer for the last song”  I was disappointed but I understood, He played “Longer Time at Sea” instead and called it a night.  Overall, his performance was tight and very well done, my friend was quite impressed by it.

After a fifteen minute intermission Benson finally came out and came out swinging with “A Whole Lot Better.”  Coming out with a bit shaggier hair than last time and a new wedding ring on his finger,his performance was different from the last I saw in many ways.

One being that there was not too much in between song chatter, he went from once song to another without saying much.  The upside to this was he fit a couple more songs in this time that he did not last time.  Also, he seemed more confident in his guitar abilities this time, whaling more guitar solos, especially a solo at the end of “Feel Like taking you home” which blew my mind, he does not get credit for being a great guitarist but he should.

That being said, his band seem much tighter and seem to have more fun playing this time, probably as a result of playing many more shows in between the two Chicago shows. He played a familiar tune to most there, a Tom Petty cover, “Listen to Her Heart” which my friend Abbey loved being a huge Petty fan.

He nailed the song, at times sounding better than Petty.  He played an even amount of songs from all four albums playing a few different songs than at the Schubas gig.  One different song being “Crosseyed” Which my friend absolutely loved.  After playing the last song before the break, this crowd was one of the best encore’s I have seen.  People screaming at the top of their lungs constantly for him to come back out, relentless and wild, he finally showed up again with an acoustic guitar in his hands playing “What I’m Looking For” (which the video was previously posted here.)

After completing that song and thanking the generous crowd and telling Chicago they are “Seriously the best.”  He invited Cory Chisel to come back out and they played a Tom Petty cover “American Girl.”  They played this song amazingly and really riled up the crowd, after the performance Benson said “Cory Chsiel… Remember that name!”

He then played one more song which was the previously mentioned “Feel Like Taking You Home” and exited the stage.  The crowd did not want to leave and stayed for several minutes after.  Overall, I think this performance was better than the last, in performance and crowd energy.  Although the night was not over for me.
After the show we decided to stick around for a few and see if Brendan would come back out so I could get my shirt signed.  After waiting a few minutes a gentleman next to me was doing the same and he asked a roadie if he could bring his vinyl back to Benson to sign and he said yes, then I asked the same with with my shirt and he agreed; he took the shirt and went to get it signed.  While he was gone, I noticed that the lyrics that they had on the stage for the two Petty covers were still there, so I took those from the stage as a souvenir.  The roadie came back and my shirt was finally completed and signed by everyone in the band! As we were leaving I asked my friend what she thought, she replied with “He was absolutely amazing!  Could I borrow your CDs!?”  So I gave her my Benson CDs and I am very happy to say that Brendan Benson gained another fan that night!  Overall, the night was definitely one to remember and I cannot wait until he comes back to Chicago again!”

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  1. Jessica permalink
    November 24, 2009 12:55 pm


  2. Brad permalink
    November 24, 2009 4:13 pm

    I like to think it is the best T-shirt ever 🙂 And Elena well, i guess I can agree with you about petty 😉 But they did do one hell of cover job!

  3. Brad permalink
    November 24, 2009 4:21 pm

    oh and you put and L in my last name that is not supposed to be there hehe

  4. AbbeyRoad permalink
    November 25, 2009 7:30 am

    It’s true, I’m a fan now. Yay! Also, the Abbey Road reference cracked me up! Good review, Brad!

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