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Play Tiny Spark with your Ukulele!

January 5, 2010

Ukulele chord : Am width= Ukulele chord : A width= Ukulele chord : Bb width= Ukulele chord : C width= Ukulele chord : D width= Ukulele chord : D7 width= Ukulele chord : G width=

Intro(repeat 4x):

G(8x) D(4x) C(4x)


G(8x) D(4x) C(4x)


C(16x) G(16x) D7(16x)

To verse(5x),

chorus, then Bridge: C G C G D(8x) Am(8x) C(16x)

To verse(8x), chorus(2x),

then Outro:

D7(8x) C(8x) Bb(8x) A(8x) C(32x)

End on G

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