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The Mood Elevator retrospective!

March 27, 2010

So maybe you  found out, maybe not… but the teaser from yesterday was to introduce The Mood Elevator fortnight! A kind a retrospective to one of Mr. Benson projects! Yesterday tune was called Boycott and it was track #1 of Married Alive:

Mood Elevator is the alter ego of Brendan Benson’s touring band during Lapalco.
Straight out of Detroit, Chris Plum and Brendan Benson have been rocking the mid-west since high-school. After both moved away to pursue their respective careers, they ended up back in Detroit several years later, only to reconnect and pick up where they left off. Brendan wanted to try our his new studio recording gear and Chris had some songs ready to record.

This is the video from yesterday song:

Not a lot of information regarding this project has been published and Benson rarely mention it. From an old interview dated on 14 April 2005 on The Triangle website he was asked about it and here it is his reply:

“Are you planning to do anymore work with the Mood Elevator side project?

Brendan Benson: No, that was my friend Chris Plum’s thing. He’s married now and he’s got a kid, so I don’t think he’s very serious about that anymore. I don’t know how serious he ever was really, I was just happy to help out when I could. It’s kind of good, because I wanted to do my own thing.”

And here you have track #2 from Married Alive  for today! It is called Watch your girl and it is one of my favorites!

So as Mr. Benson seems to be busy or just on holidays, we have no new tour dates, no new album…. during the next couple of weeks I am going to share some of The Mood Elevator songs, this time not to download but to listen online thanks to a new player I’ve found. Also some more information about this band will be posted. I hope you like the idea and enjoy the tunes!

And the most important thing, I need to thank Jessica M. without her, this couldn’t have been possible, she is the one who was so nice to share all this with us. Thanks again Jessica, I cannot thank you enough!

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  1. Jessica M permalink
    March 27, 2010 12:52 pm

    I’m just glad I could help out!

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