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Brendan Benson and friends setlist

December 20, 2013

1. “How Long” (Leadbelly, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee) with HB’s Ian and Ben singing and Jared on harp.
2. “On The Fence” w/ Ricky Skaggs (mandolin) and HB’s
3. “Diamond” w/ Ricky Skaggs (mandolin and vocals) and Sarah Siskind (vocals and acoustic)
4. “Rejuvenate me” w/ Young Hines (vocals and elec)
5. “Spray Tan” w/ Mark Watrous (vocals and elec) and Matt Mahaffey (drums)
6. “Swallow You Whole” w/ Dean Fertita (piano) and Matt Mahaffey (drums)
7. “Pretty Baby” w/ Jessie Baylin (vocal) and Bucky Baxter (pedal steel) *Strings
8. “You Make a Fool” w/ Cory Chisel (lead vocal)
9. “Consider me” w/ Norma Jean (vocal) and Bucky Baxter (pedal steel) *Strings
10. “Bad For Me” w/ Ken Stringfellow (piano, vocals) and Jon Auer (bass, vocals) *Strings
11. “What Kind of World” w/ Ken Stringfellow (bass, vocals) and Jon Auer (elec, vocals) and Jody Stephens (drums)
12. “Thru The Ceiling” w/ Jay Joyce (elec)
13. “What I’m Looking For” w/ Butch (acoustic, vocals)
14. “Cold Hands” w/ Willy Mason (acoustic, vocals)
15. “Loving Cup” Rolling Stones Cover w/ Jakob Dylan (vocals) and Bucky Baxter (pedal steel)
16. “See You Anymore” w/ Adriel Denae (lead vocal) and Bucky Baxter (pedal steel) *Horns
17. “Good To Me” w/ Jack White (elec, vocals)
18. “Hands” w/ Jack White (elec, vocals)


19. “Jetlag” w/ Young Hines (piano, vocals) *Horns
20. “Tiny Spark” w/ Butch Walker (vocals, elec)
21. “Steady as She Goes” w/ Jack White (vocals, elec)
22. Medley “When I Was Young” and “Inside Looking Out” w/ Eric Burdon (vocals), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel) and Ian Craft (fiddle)

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