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Band on the road

Yeah we know Brendan Benson is on tour and it seems as he got the best musicians! Today let’s talk about them because they are doing a great job with Mr. Benson and because they got some other projects that sound great.

Tour 2012

Young Hines will be touring with Brendan throughout the UK/Europe tour in May and will also be at SXSW.Eric Burdon of The Animals will be joining Brendan at SXSW during the Gram Parsons Foundation party.

The bent sons

This is the name of the band Mr. Benson will have during his North American tour with The Posies. It seems as Ken and Jon from this band will be part of it.

FIB and Irish Tour 2010

According to hotpress Mr. Benson said “[…]gonna drive myself and Mark Watrous to the gigs in a van, with just an acoustic guitar and a keyboard in tow.[…]”


Mark Waltrous:

Keyboards, guitar… Also played in The Raconteurs and he is making music on his own, if you feel curious visit his myspace and find out, good tunes!

See also:


Nashville show at The Basement

Andrew Higley

Nashville-based musician and photographer. Musical realm includes keyboards, the French horn, the saw, and backup vocals, most recently for Ben Folds.

More info here

Nicole Childrey

On drums

(Sorry no info about her)


2009 – April 2010

Mark Waltrous:

Keyboards, guitar… Also played in The Raconteurs and he is making music on his own, if you feel curious visit his myspace and find out, good tunes!

See also:

Jared Reynolds

Bass. More information about him and his projects on

See also next video in order to watch him singing!  (And sorpresa sorpresa Mr Reynolds habla español!! Sí!! 😉 He speaks Spanish and I really hope he knows what he is exactly saying!! lol)

Brad Pemberton

Drums. He is an American drummer, primarily known for his role in Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Pemberton previously played in Iodine (with Cardinals bassist Chris Feinstien), and was a member of Adams’ touring band The Pinkhearts.

Brad Pemberton Discography

Artist Album Year

Iodine Maximum Joy 1995
Daniel Tashian Sweetie 1996
Iodine Baby Grand 1998
Heather Nova Truth and Bone (single) 1998
Patty Griffin Flaming Red 1998
Stateside Twice As Gone 2002
Ryan Adams Demolition 2002
Adrienne Young Plow To The End Of The Row 2004
Jerry Castle Back Side Of Down 2004
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Cold Roses 2005
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Jacksonville City Nights 2005
Sam Baylor Life On Trouble Street 2006
Cerys Matthews Never Said Goodbye 2006
Willie Nelson Songbird 2006
Mark Huff Gravity 2007
Alternate Routes Good & Reckless & True 2007
Ryan Adams Easy Tiger 2007
Warren Pash Plastic Rulers 2007
Minnie Driver Seastories 2007
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Follow The Lights 2007
Jessie Baylin Firesight 2008
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Cardinology 2008
John Paul Belmont Boulevard 2008
Braden Land Stumble & Glow 2008
Gin Wigmore Holy Smoke 2009

Travis Mcnabb

Travis Mcnabb is the one who is going to play with Brendan Benson and his crew in this second part of their American tour.

If you want to know more about him here you have a copuple of links:

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