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Fans Tributes and Covers

Hey do you sing? do you play the guitar?  bass? ukulele? piano? keyboards? drums? tambourine? flute? fiddle? any other instrument? Have you ever covered any Brendan Benson songs? Do you paint? Do you edit videos? I’ve seen a lot of really good covers and tributes on youtube and maybe you are responsible  for one  of  those videos!

Please drop me a line and share your videos or tracks or drawings with us! We are looking foward to them!








The Claps is a rock band from Kiev, Ukraine. It was formed on 13 April 2011 by three friends – Johnny (guitar, vox), Space (guitar, vox) and Max (drums, percussions). Guys previously had played in several local bands, before understood that they had something more to show the world.
The Claps use and unite the elements of garage, punk and indie in their music trying to revival the true spirit 60’s and 70’s. The Claps is a musical experiment trying to restore the lost spirit of past generations.



So here we have Adriana with her Uke and her beautiful voice covering Them and me. Thanks a lot for sharing with us girl!! And thanks a lot to Brad for discovering the video!


Laura Torregrosa (Direction)
Crislan Pastor (Producer)
Manuel Quirant (Editing post- production)
Jhon Jairo Ocampo Solano. (Camera y Director of photography)


Some Spanish fans have made a great video for “Feel like taking you home” song. It is a project for their degree in Advertising and Publicity at Alicante University (Spain).

The responsible ones are: Alejandro Bernabéu, Francisco García, Nuria Gío, Nicolás Lucisano and Patricia Portolés.


The false starts an an indie-rock cover band from Baltimore, MD USA, as they define themselves, covered You’re quiet by our dear Brendan Benson! And I think they did it great!!! About the song they say: “You’re Quiet is the staple of our live set and is a song we never get tired of playing.”

Band members are:
Dave Wassell Vocals (Guitar)
Daron Fisher (Guitar)
Ken Peluso (Bass)
Chris Spiridigliozzi (Drums)

You can find more info about them (something I  recommend to you) in the following sites:

Thanks a lot for letting me post the video and being so nice!!

And here we have the cover!!


Here we have a cover Jonny Love made of Metarie, pretty good one. I have to admit that I love it, great musician!!! And he has been really nice letting me post it! He, as the fan he is,  says about Mr. Benson: “I only discovered BB’s music recently via the Racontours. Lapalco is a good album and Metarie is a classic song.”

About the cover, as we realize while we are listening to it, it’s a special one because “I’m still not sure which version of Metarie is best, so I tried to combine them.”

Thanks a lot I love it!!

If you want to know more about him, please visit: where you can listen to him performing more songs!

And here is the video!


The Squares an indie-pop cover band from London were so nice to share with us thei cover of Good to me by Brendan Benson. For the moment they don’t have a myspace or website but as soon as they  got one I’ll publish the link. I promise!

The members of the band are: Stevie C (singer), Rob G (drums), H Shooter (keyboards) and Wayne Bass (bass).

Thanks a lot to Stevie for letting me post the video and being so nice with me!

And here it’s the cover!


And we continue with some great covers! Today is time to listen and watch Supermarionation covering a classic: Between us. But before let’s know a little more about this band:

Supermarionation are a Powerpop three-piece from Edinburgh. Just starting out in life, they have already been supporting bands passing through their own patch as well as playing local venues and developing a cult following on the internet. Soon to enter the studio to consolidate their growing catalogue of original material, they are looking to expand their gigging horizons so get in touch if you want them to wail4u: email supermarionationwail4u at googlemail dot com

You can check their songs on Don’t hesitate and listen to Nothing means nothing, The ashes of love or many others! It’s worth!

And here you have the video:

Thanks a lot to Steven for the information and for letting me post the video!


The Retrievers is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). The members of the band are: Matt Hughes (songwriter/singer/guitar) and  Matt Brenneman (drums), and they currently play live shows with Mr. Nick James (bass).

I have to confess that I love the cover, that I came across it the other day and I didn’t know the band so I was curious and   I checked some more of their songs and they are worth! So please check their website: I think you are going to like them! On the site you are going to find the song they have recorded so far (I really enjoy listening to Silver Dollar Blues and You got me struck) and also their gig dates and more!

So here we have the video! Enjoy!


And here we have the fist contribution to this new section, waiting for more!! And the first is from our dear  Jessica Thornton, the girl who got the chance of playing Mr. Benson guitar with him on stage! You can read all about it here. She was so nice of sending us a link where we an see and listen to her playing What I am looking for (by lovely Brendan Benson ;)), the video got a little introduction by herself and then she playing and singing and I have to admit that I love the cover!! Beautiful voice girl!! And congrats again for the gig thing!

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  1. Jessica permalink
    December 10, 2009 9:44 pm

    What a voice!!!!!!!

  2. December 11, 2009 10:43 pm

    I usually don’t like fan covers but I like this one, especially the voice! and the last second of the video made me laugh…

  3. July 6, 2011 12:14 am

    Je confirme. Il arrive ainsi.

  4. December 18, 2011 7:40 pm

    The original members of the group were Bob James keyboards , Lee Ritenour guitars , Nathan East bass , and.

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