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Lapalco Lyrics


“Tiny Spark”

I’ve always been this way
Never known any other way to feel
Got the right of way
And all of the others must yield
But I’m naked
And I’m in school
And I can’t make it
To the door
Try to understand
That an oyster can only make a pearl
From a grain of sand
But from what I don’t know comes a girl
And I’m trying
Not to laugh
Feels like I’m dying
When we break apart
And you take back your heart
And it aches in the dark
But it makes a tiny spark


Met a girl – introduced myself
I asked her to with me and no one else
And she said: I’d really like to see you everyday
But I’m afraid of what my friends might say
You need a bath and your clothes are wrong
You’re not my type I can tell we wouldn’t get along
I just laughed what else could I do
And her friend chimed in singin’ get a clue
Get a life – put it in your song
There’s something I’ve been meaning to say to you
I’d had enough couldn’t take it anymore
So I turned and I ran straight for the door
Bought some mags on my way home
For later on ya know when I’m all alone
Bottle of wine and some cigarettes
Watch TV and go to bed
I know a guy lives in Los Angeles
Sometimes his life there makes me so jealous
I’d like to move out of this place
Change my name – get a new face
Sleep all day stay up all night
And everybody I meet thinks I’m alright
Pat my back say I like your song

“Folk Singer”

Like a folk singer’s song I’m moving on
And I’m not the kind of man that acts very strong
When the girls are looking on
When the girls are looking on
If you tied my hands and put chains on my feet
I can picture myself walking down any street
Telling people that I meet
Looks like rain to me
Every single day at eleven I’m home in bed in sleep heaven
Alone cuz my girl leaves at seven ain’t got time for my bedn’in
She said stop pretendin’ you’re not JOhn Lennon
Will I ever get over this
Having tasted your lips with a kiss
You can cross me off your list
Take these cuffs from off my wrists
And drop your fists
Soon as I’m well I’m gonna leave my house
Become more of a man and less like a mouse
Drive my car down south to the Mississippi’s mouth
In the gulf of Mexico I’ll get soused
Every girl I made in the shade of Esplanade
I’ve saved in a song that I play when I’m afraid
Of a full scale air-raid
From the choices that I’ve made
When I heard the news about the union dues
And how each time I lose no matter which door I choose
I put on my walking shows
And I just cruised (and you know I got bruised)
It was fun while it lasted until it was blasted
Right out of the water and into fantastic
Now he feels shafted and she’s already past it
She’s like elastic and he’s so spastic

“Life In The D”

My life in the D is a tragicomedy
A poetic verse
It’s voodoo some say black magic ettouffe
A dead man’s curse
It’s just like the Egyptian tombs
Tunnels leading to empty rooms
Skeptics think it’s a doctored photo
Of a U.F.O
You’re wasting your breath on life after death
Coz I’m almost sure
If hell does exist than the Devil’s a scientist
Finding a cure
It’s life microscopic size
Unseen by the naked eye
The answer’s encoded with ink
That’s invisible
When God made the earth and saw his net worth
He posed for a shot
And life in the D is what was handed to me
And that’s what I’ve got
It’s all just a hologram
Locked in a vault it’s a cryptogram
A lie on the Polygraph test
It’s detectable

“Good To Me”

I’ve got a 1980 Volvo
I get in start it up and I go
It ain’t a vintage Cadillac
But it always gets me there and back
And it’ll always be good to me
Always be good to me
Always be…good to me
I got a beat up Supro amp
I plug in and it sound like a champ
Not a fender tweek deluxe
It cost me 150 bucks
And it’ll always sound good to me…
And these things are all I need
All these things are good to me
I got a girlfriend and she’s so true
And no other kinda girl will do
Coz I’ve known some girls in the past
The kinda love they got don’t last
And she’ll always be true to me

“You’re Quiet”

You’re quiet
You don’t talk
You’re shut down
And closed off
You’re like me
We’re the same
I’m Brendan
What’s your name
Been a little bit down on my luck
I think you know where I’m coming from
I need a pick up and I don’t mean truck
I wanna know where to get some
You make me
Wanna ask you
A lot of questions
Get to know you
I like you
You can tell
I’d like to
Know you well


What are you trying to do to me
I closed my eyes I don’t want to see
I don’t want to hear about you and him
I just want to know if it’s love that you’re in
Coz you can’t possibly be serious about him girl
And he’s got to be delirious if he thinks he can win
With a not-so-pretty face
He’s come to take my place
She’s easily amused
And I know coz she fell for the same tricks
I once used
The things you say and the things you do
I’ve added them up and they don’t compute
I give you an inch and you take a mile
You can’t say no coz it aint your style girl
And it’s obvious to me that he thinks he’s gonna score
But it’s not the case you say you’re only friends and nothing more
But it makes perfect sense
And I speak from experience
She’s easy to persuade
She’s a piece of cake and he
Thinks he’s got her made
You said goodbye to him a long
Long time ago
You changed your mind I guess
But you never let me know
You keep me guessing I’m always guessing wrong
Always wrong
With a not-so-pretty face
And a poorly thrown ceramic vase
It makes perfect sense
And I speak from experience
She’s easily confused


In her past there’s lots of people
I know them by their names
Some of them rushed by like water
Some of them were flames
Each and all knew a different girl
Someone I’ve never met
They went with her to parties
Good times she’ll not forget
And here I come with empty hands
Ready to receive
And I just hope she doesn’t change
Her mind and want to leave
Please you got to stay with me
Things will get better eventually
So girl stick it out with me
I feel a change coming over me
I came ‘long at a time when she
Had offers left and right
I gave her all I had to give
All my best insight
Now she sees the uselessness
The nonsense of it all
She understands the ways of men
Kicking in the stall
I’ve got the feeling I did harm
No good there have I done
I see in her the shit that once was mine
Of which she asked for none
And sometimes when I look at her
I see a different girl
I wonder what she’s thinking
And if she’s not part of my world

“I’m Easy”

I’m easy
Just a couple of words
That you’ve got to say and it frees me
From your powerful eyes when they seize me
And you said, “You’re never gonna make it”
“Boy, you’ll never make it alone”ooooohah

You’re crazy
And the way that you’re talking
No you never cease to amaze me
You say lackadaisical I say lazy
But somehow you’re gonna make it
You’re gonna gonna go it alone

Oh but, something’s wrong
Something’s wrong now, oh no
I slow down
I don’t know why, oh no

And then I grew up
I let it go for too long
Now let me explain I never grew up
I think that I might have a shoe up
Don’t make me call my crew up or beat you up

Now you’re gritty
You’re starting to glow
You’d like me to know that you’re witty
Let me remind you it’s just the beginning
There’s still more time left and I think that I just might take you

Oh but, something’s wrong
Something’s wrong now, oh no
I slow down
I don’t know why, oh no
Oh no

And if it means that much to you
I’ll take the steps, I’ll follow through
I know you have concerns about me
I’m all locked up and I’ve lost the key
You’re the one I aim to please

I’ll set your mind at ease
Now I’m reeling
I’m climbing the walls
And I’m pacing the floor to the ceiling
I’m waiting for some special feeling

And I’m still waiting
For this red light to change
To bright aqua green it’s frustrating
I’m deliberately deliberating

Wondering, are you exceeding me?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?

“Pleasure Seeker”

Drip drip drip drip outside my window
A head full of zip sleeps on my pillow
And it must be a phase that I’m in
Coz I can’t explain to begin
Could be a permanent thing
But it feels like a meaningless fling
The man in the pink such a mild-mannered fellow
He gave me a wink and a good-natured hello
Lately I’m tired all the time
Guilty of the worst kind of crime
A game I can’t possibly win
When I keep getting kicked in the shin
I’m just so far gone
I don’t know what planet I’m on
I wanna come down
Taken it hard for so long
I don’t now what’s right or what’s wrong with me
I’m coming down
(Such a funny creature)
When I drink I feel mellow
And if I think I’m Saul Bellow
And lately I do as I please
Don’t much care who disagrees
Could be a permanent thing
Feels like a meaningless fling
And they say that I’m just a pleasure seeker

“Just Like Me”

A balloon to your lips
And held between your fingertips
But soon it slips your grip and whips
Around the room
Spitting its fumes
Just like me
Hate so filled with hate
So bad some days I can’t see straight
So sad sometimes I can’t relate
I’m high and I’m low
And baby you know
It’s just like me
So help me break this trend
Coz here I go again
Help me find my way back
I’m not making any contact
And everything turns black
And I just go slack
All I have to say is
Aint it just like me
White bright white
You’re fading almost out of sight
All is calm and all is bright
And I don’t feel right
If it’s not a fight
I’m just like that

“Jet Lag”

My so-called friends
Where are they now
I guess a love that bends
Isn’t worth much anyhow
The come and go
And talk their shit
And when I really need to know
All I get is spit in my eye
But the less I know the better
The faster I go jet-setter
I chase around the world
But I never get the girl
But it doesn’t really matter if
You won’t have any part of this
My scheme I’ve devised
Where my team is disguised
And we seem like ordinary guys
But surprise!
Some people want to know
All about my history
And no one seems to care
That none of it’s noteworthy
But I talked som much as it were
That I made the local news
The boy has got the magic touch
And he can’t ever lose
My present situation
Is no longer inspiration
My precious generation
Is killing their time
And behind their backs
I’m slipping thru the cracks
I’m hardly phased anymore
By your classless ways
It takes more than that to amaze me
These days
I stayed up late
The night before
I slept the whole way on the plane
And now my neck is sore
And it doesn’t really bother me
I just cut out any part of me
That’s been bruised

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